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A & B Industrial Services located in Sulphur, La. was organized to serve the Cryogenic Industry. We are the Cryogenic Perlite evacuation and installation experts. In business since January 2000, we have successfully completed numerous jobs for all the major air seperation companies. This includes; Praxair, Air Liquide, Matheson Trigas, and Air Products; along with several refinery's and numerous contractors. We have serviced our customers all across the U.S. and Mexico. You are never too far away to reap the benefits of using A & B Industrial Services. We have also expanded our business to include desiccant removal, disposal and installation. A & B Industrial Services is committed to providing our customers with the lowest cost solutions. A key component of any perlite job is timeliness. From a maintenance perspective, it is essential that material get evacuated, stored, repairs made, and material be re-installed in order for the facility to start processing again. The following are just a few risks inherent in the existing method that most others use for the removal and re-installation of perlite: * Greater loss of re-usable material * Contamination of perlite * Improper utilization of equipment which can result in increased job costs as well as increased disposal costs on material which cannot be re-used We are more than capable of handling all scheduled as well as emergency work as required. A & B combines its experience with a number of techniques that allow us to perform our work in the safest most cost effective manner, thus reducing downtime which equals to improved profitability for you, our customer.            
  Portable Perlite Furnace                   Vacuum Pneumatic for evacuating Perlite There are a number of key criteria that will make A & B Industrial Services a success in this area. The following are the points of contention: * Our Sulphur, Louisiana office serves as the "Center of Excellence" and the hub for all perlite work. Your offices will only have to make one telephone call to Sulphur. From that point, we will review and analyze the prospective job, and dispatch personnel and equipment as necessary. * We are the only company we know of that performs evacuation of perlite and also owns its own portable furnace to expand perlite on site. * All field personnel have experience with the removal and re-installation of perlite. Since this is the only business that A & B Industrial Services will be in, you are virtually guaranteed the same crews on each and every job. * A & B owns, maintains, and operates the basic equipment needed to perform perlite removal. * Our new removal and re-installation process revolves around safety and meeting any and all environmental concerns. It also significantly reduces the amount of personnel and equipment that will be used on the job. This reduces exposure and equates to improved productivity as well as safety versus what you are currently receiving from other companies. * Our agreement with various manufacturers gives us access across the country to expanded perlite ready for immediate re-installation or the ability to expand new perlite on site for greater cost savings. * Capabilities of changing equipment, etc. if the job scope changes from dry, free-flowing perlite to wet or frozen. At A & B Industrial Services, we strive for safety, quality, and environmental integrity as it applies to all facets of our operation. Our mission is to reach a level of accomplishment that exceeds the sum of our individual talents. We want to ensure that we are the best business decision for you, our customer.

A & B Industrial Services

Address: 1401 E Napoleon Street Sulphur-LA Postal Code: 70663-3525 Website: http://www.ab-industrial.com

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